Friday, May 12, 2006

More Reactions

I'm collecting some of my favorite reactions to the move:

"Only six more weeks until you're beantown's new sassy it girl. Wheee!"

"Wave adios to your sucky job and off to Beantown for you! (We'll make a Sox fan
of you yet... ) "

"Will your new job let you talk about blow jobs at the office? Because it's not
too late to negotiate for extra perks... "

"I am totally coming to visit you , and we can hang out in harvard square and go
to shows at the middle east and pretend we're not 30."

And this gem from my mom because it's absurd...and just odd considering that I'm in the middle of a divorce AND I would presumably tell my own parents if I was thinking of getting married :

"So you're going up there? Um, you're not getting married, are you? Because you should wait a while to do that again. "

This is infinitely more fun than making more lists. I started with one list and then it begat another list and that begat another...and now I'm just feeling overwhelmed. And the best way to deal with being overwhelmed is to procrastinate. I do have a couple of moving quotes, though, so that's a start. Now I just need to figure out how many cubic feet of stuff I have.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

My reaction

Like-seriously refers to the reaction that I've been getting from lots of people when I tell them I'm moving. Me: I'm moving to Boston. Randomly-selected friend: Like...seriously? Me: Uh huh...
And then I hit them with the rock fingers.

My reaction on finding out that I got the job I want and am moving to Boston.

Not a Trendsetter

Everyone's got one. Or everyone had two years ago. I'm officially rejoining the blogosphere. I tried this a while back and after three posts, gave up and never went back.
But now I'm moving....and I'm sure that's of much interest to a number of people, besides me.