Thursday, June 15, 2006

More Movies

Movies that I forgot were totally awesome, but recently watched:

* Antonia's Line -- a Dutch movie about a matriarch and her family. Good plot and pretty people.

* Field of Dreams -- I remember seeing this in the theatre in Long Island as a kid when it first came out. I put it on last night for "background noise" during packing because my stereo speakers don't reach downstairs. Of course, I ended up watching the whole thing and sobbed (the heaving, snot-nosed kind of sobbing) when Kevin Costner's dad takes off his catcher's gear and they end up playing ball. A most excellent movie for baseball fans.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I have my first offer on the house. It's not exactly what I expected, but we're negotiating and it's getting closer to what I wanted. I have St. Joseph to thank for this one.

A discussion with some friends on St. Joe and how he helps sell houses led to the discovery of this. Really, it doesn't get any better than that. The marketing genius of "Put the image of Jesus RIGHT ON FOOD!" sends me into giggle fits.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Listening To Right Now

On my Ipod, my "I'm leaving here and moving to MA" playlist, pared down from about 100 songs:

1. Dirty Water -- The Standells. Boston, you're my town..soon.
2. America -- Neil Diamond. You know you love it.
3. Across the Universe -- Rufus Wainwright. Just because.
4. Seasons -- Neil Halstead. I love it.
5. New York State of Mind -- Billy Joel. Who cares if it's cheesey? It's still awesome.
6. Homeward Bound -- Simon & Garfunkel.
7. The Long and Winding Round -- The Beatles.
8. Good-Bye to Carolina -- Lyle Lovett. LOVE. A friend put this on a mix. How did I not know that Lyle Lovett was cool?
9. Jersey Girl -- Tom Waits. Always.
10. Lowell, MA -- Death Cab for Cutie. Because they're the greatest.
11. Every Ghetto Every City -- Lauryn Hill. Get your groove on.
12. What's the World Got In Store -- Wilco. For me?
13. I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane -- Chantal Kreviazuk. Great Cover.
14. Chinatown -- Luna. This song reminds me of hanging out in New York right after college.
15. As We Walk to Fenway Park in Boston Town -- Jonathan Richman. For YG.
16. NYC -- Interpol.
17. The Only Living Boy in New York -- Simon & Garfunkel. Always been a great song, but thank you, t.v. crush Zack Braff, for putting this on the Garden State soundtrack.
18. Marching Bands of Manhattan -- Death Cab for Cutie. So good.
19. Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd. For all my bitches.

An Open Letter to NYC (thank you Beastie Boys)

I had my "official" goodbye to NYC this weekend. YG and I headed in [stopping first at Nordstrom's 1/2 year sale :-) ] and stopped at the W for overpriced but yummy cocktails, had dinner at Sushi Samba and drinks at Flute. We've done this a few times before and I don't care if it's cheesey or bridge-and-tunnelly -- it doesn't disappoint. Ms. Librarian joined us for a round of champagne as well, so that was nice. On Sunday, we got bagels, read the paper, and then went and sat in Union Square Park for a few hours with some eats we picked up at Whole Foods. Overall, low key but fun. I'm going to miss New York, but I'm looking forward to living in the city and being able to do this more often.

My unemployment has been treating me well, although I haven't been getting as much accomplished as I thought I would. I've been taking walks, riding my bike, reading and catching up on a lot of movies I Tivoed. Good: Crash, City of God, Dirty Pretty Things, Supersize Me. Not so much: The War at Home, Coffee and Cigarettes. I've also logged about a billion hours watched tivoed Yankeeographies since Yankee history is much more compelling than the not-so-hot Yankee present. I thought I'd spend more time getting together with friends and hanging out, but I'm having a hard time connecting with people. YG doesn't get why this is so sad for me, and to be truthful, it IS hard to explain the sometimes illogicallness (nice word) of feeling like a kid who is having a party that nobody wants to come to. On the good side, I have plans with some out-of-town friends this Thursday and am hanging out with NN and K and the zygote this Friday. And then I leave Monday. It still seems weird to write that. I leave Monday.

I leave Monday. :-)