Monday, September 03, 2007

No Witty Title For This One

I am wracking my brain for something witty and amusing to say here, but I am not feeling either. Just feeling happy BECAUSE.....

I am getting married!

I was tempted to write "I am getting married again," but I stopped myself. Because I am getting married to YG and that is pretty fucking great as is. He asked and I think it's a fine idea so I said yes.

The backstory:
YG planned another suprise birthday weekend trip for me. He did this last year (we went to San Francisco) and I loved it so much because I've never had a surprise birthday of any sort. A few weeks ago, he asked if I had a "rain jacket" and "hiking boots" or at least "comfortable shoes." Um, hello? NO. I was secretly kind of meh about the whole thing because I assumed we were doing some kind of camping, and I think I finished off all the camping I need to do in this lifetime at Girl Scout Camp twenty years ago. Thursday night, YG gave me a clue by telling me that we were going "south" and that I'd be okay without the jacket, and that I would need one fancy outfit.

We took off on Friday morning and drove south. I was thinking Newport, Mystic? As we headed down 95 into New York, I thought we might be going to my family's house on Long Island, but it wasn't until we were headed toward the Triboro Bridge that I realized we were heading to Manhattan.

Another backstory: YEARS ago, YG and I had the perfect date that was not a date. We were both still married and at the time, just moderately friendly from work -- we didn't really know each other. He and some other work friends were staying at the W in Union Square for a trade show in the area, and a few others were supposed to meet up with everyone for drinks and dinner and a night of hanging out. As fate would have it (????do I believe in fate? I don't know), it ended up being just YG and I. We had a drink at the W, dinner at Sushi Samba, some more drinks at Flute, and then coffee and dessert at Coffee Shop in the hopes that I would sober up for my drive back to NJ. Very standard, somewhat touristy Union Square stuff, but a really fun night, and that's when we really started to know each other and became friends.

On Friday, YG checked us into the W and we walked across town and got some Magnolia cupcakes for a pre-birthday birthday present. Whenever I'm back in NJ, I never really get a chance to go into the city for anything other than quick drinks or food because I always have "family obligations." So it was nice to be out and out doing nothing besides enjoying the city and the weather.

We went back to the hotel and had some drinks and changed for dinner, went to Sushi Samba and then headed over to Flute. We chit chatted and worked on getting a nice champagne buzz, and then he asked if I wanted my birthday card. I opened it and it was really sweet and lovely, with lots of nice stuff about me, and then it ended with "Love, YG. P.S. Will you marry me?" And then he gave me the ring.

So, of course, I said yes. :-)

We walked over to Coffee Shop and talked some more and people watched and car watched -- there were two Lamborghinis randomly parked on the street so that made for a nice car-gasm for YG. [NOTE: we're at Diesel working on our laptops, and I asked how you spell "Lamborghini" and he said, "Do you want the model? It's Gallardo."] Minus the "yes" part, I'm guessing that was the high point of his evening.

On Saturday, we put on our gym clothes and walked around the neighorhood and ate MORE cupcakes. We ran into a woman that we had seen in the bar the night before, and she referred to us as the "cute couple from the bar" so we told her we got engaged. We had soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai, did a Circle Line cruise around Manhattan (one of those tourist things I have ALWAYS wanted to do), dinner at Rosa Mexicano, more walking around the Village. Then for reasons unknown to both of us, we watched the end of Titanic on TNT?

On Sunday, we consumed even MORE cupcakes for breakfast, and then went shoe shopping and then met my family for brunch at The Water Club. I usually spend Labor Day weekends at my folks' house out in Long Island, and this was the first birthday in years that I wasn't going to be there. I was kind of pissed that nobody else thought that was much of a big deal, and they said they'd see me "sometime in October." I was happy to see them. They're all really happy for me, and there was much happy crying and planning and consumption of cheese. I think I ate Manhattan this weekend.

So there you have it. Some happy news for a change. I am happy. YG is happy. The MG was in on the whole thing, and said, "I'm so happy you said yes" and we're all happy, happy.