Monday, June 02, 2008

Update: The 5-Mile Run and Other Things To Be Writing About

I forgot to mention that I finished the 5 mile run in less than an hour which was my goal. I finished in 58:37 and ran the whole time, except for a few second stop to try and treat a raging case of chub rub. It was a beautiful day and such a rush to be running through the streets of Boston while random strangers cheered us on.

I didn't want to post this picture because my initial reaction to it was, "Oh.My.God. My thighs -- they are so fucking huge." And that may be, but see above. 58:37, bitches. I am kind of a big deal. In my own head, at least.

Other things I should be writing about:
* My fun day getting my hair cut with YG's sister.
* My Michael Pollan kick. Such a crush. I read In Defense of Food in a few days and am halfway through Omnivore's Dilemma. Brilliantly written.
* YG's speech at the Eagle Scout ceremony. I was so proud of him.
* Election madness
* Sad stuff at church. Our senior minister is leaving.
* Work madness