Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Next Suze Orman?

Money Lessons.

Zygote: Where are you going, Daddy?
YG: I'm going to Seattle.
Zygote: Why?
YG: I'm talking to some people about a job.
Zygote: Why?
JM: Mommy and Daddy both work and sometimes we like to have new jobs.
Zygote: Why?
YG: Because we want money.
Zygote: Why?
YG: We want to work hard now and make money so that we don't have to work so hard later and can have nice things now.
Zygote: Why?
YG: You like nice things. You like your lollipops, right?
Zygote: I want a lollipop.
YG: You can't have a lollipop right now, but we work to make money so that we can buy more lollipops.

[Zygote exits. One minute passes, and there is a knock on the door]

Zygote: I have money.

[YG opens the door. Z is standing there with a few coins from our coin jar.]

Zygote: I have money. Gimme a lollipop.

/End scene