Monday, September 17, 2007

Notes on Wedding Planning

Not in the mood to be writing tonight, and I'm sure there have been multiple people pissing me off who deserve a good lashing, but I'll keep this to a few wedding-related rants:

* No matter how many times you say that you want something small and that you've done this before, catering folks just can't seem to refrain from talking about my "special day."

* I am still a 12 year old boy. Because everytime anyone mentions anything "intimate," I laugh in my head and imagine us having a big, crazy orgy of a wedding.

* This part (the appointments, the craziness, the carefully-crafted marketing brochures using aforementioned words -- intimate, special day, "moment" in soft silver script) sort of sucks. We know what we want. I hate having to suffer through a sales pitch.

* I bought two dresses. This part makes me wildly happy.

* See above about small. Do not act suprised or put off when I tell you that "no, there's no wedding party" because I JUST TOLD YOU that it's a small affair and that the three people who are most important (YG, MG, me) will be there and nobody ever died from lacking bridesmaids.

* Good food is expensive, yo.

Other things:
* I refuse to blog incessantly about my wedding.

* Race is Sunday. I put in 3.5 miles today. Have 4 planned for Thursday and Friday and then we'll see how I do.

* WORK! Arghhh.....

* Classes start next week. This is going to be cool.

* YG's 40th birthday trip is booked. THAT is going to rock.

* Still no word on my bloodwork (read: still no idea what the fuck is wrong with me) but nutrionist appointment on Monday.