Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mission Impossible

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to keep your "widely-read" blog relatively up to date. Heh. That worked for three days in a row. I impressed myself, and then let it slide for days.

Other things I am not doing besides writing the blog:
* Finishing my holiday shopping
* Writing holiday cards
* Going to the gym
* Sticking to WW
* Returning emails
* Keeping up to date with friends
* Watching tv. It took me three days to get to my Tivoed finale of America's Next Top Model. What's up with that?

Things I AM doing that are kind of cool:
* Work, work, and more work. I was expecting a lull, but that didn't happen. My boss moved into a new position that is really great for him, but that means that our relatively small organization is one man down. And my work and WW buddy is also taking a three-week holiday so that means I will have lots of work AND not have someone to bitch and moan to. The positive is that I'm taking on more responsibilities and product areas, and while I'm completely overwhelmed, I still like it and don't want to kick or bite anyone...yet. :-)
* Lots of holiday hoo hah. I sent out all my Secret Santa presents, went to a bunch of holiday parties, went out to dinner last night on a "school night" with work friends, and have lots of other fun stuff lined up too. YG and I are going here this weekend, which promises to be enjoyably cheesey, and then I'm taking him to XXXXX as a Christmas present on Sunday night. More on that to come.
* Helping YG and the MG set up their Christmas tree and decorations. We listened to Christmas songs and danced to "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" and made cookies and gingerbread houses. It was lovely and bittersweet. Lovely because we had a lot of fun. Bittersweet because I think each of us, in our own way, was missing the idea of what Christmas used to be. They had their family traditions, and I had mine. And I still, four years later, can't forget that my Pop-Pop died on Christmas day. I can't say that it's never been the same, but I can say that that memory has colored my view of Christmas and eeked its way into my library of holiday memories. :-(
At one point during the day, the MG came up to me and said, "I'm having fun and I love you, but I really wish my mom were here instead. I miss my mom." It DOES break my heart a little, but she's right and the only thing I can and did say was "I know. It's okay to miss your mom. I miss my mom sometimes too." Still, we had a good day. We had fun, and we're making our own traditions.
* Also did some "couple dinners" and a charity pub crawl because nothing says "I love kids and the baby Jesus" more than getting drunk.
* Entertaining out of towners.
* Reading. Did I mention I started John Irving's A Widow for One Year? I kind of love it.

And blah. I will be back with my good cheer and all that.