Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Lieu of a Real Post, I Present Engagement and Food Porn

My bling:

My rack and I just got engaged:

I am Magnolia's bitch:

So is he:

The one and only Joe's Shanghai soup dumplings:

Keeping it real on the Isle of Manhattan:

More foodie porn and bling shots available over on Flickr.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Where Am I?

Working. Working. Working. And trying to keep some of the engagement high going. Although I really just want to crawl under a table and huddle up and hibernate until mid-November (otherwise known as the time when work things MAY get back to normal).

Not a lot of time to talk/type? , but lots going on:

* Health woes continue. Blood work appointment on Friday included a blood pressure reading of 80/50 (hella low), puke, and me passing out. Good times.

* YG and I started looking at dates and places to get married. Right now, we're looking at either April 19 or April 26 (both 2008). We want to have something nice, but we don't want to be irresponsible. Irresponsible would be $10K for a wedding for under 60 people. Where is that "shocked" emoticon when you need it?

* My class starts in a few weeks. Yoga starts up too.

* Baseball = more and more interesting every day.

* Reading two different Geneen Roth books. Alternating between "wow! I so can relate" and "puke! This is so cheesy!."

* More reading -- There are some many great posts recently over at Shapely Prose that I don't know which ones to link to. This one really spoke to me, and I bookmarked it to comment later and then never got around to it -- consider my link my "rock on." There's a lot of fantastic debate on that site about fat activism and dieting and health at any size. I'm not sure where I stand as I alternate between actively trying to accept myself and actively trying to lose weight, but it's GREAT reading.

* I bought too many shoes last month, including the heinous Danskos I really wanted. It's a slippery slope from here to hippie skirts and grey braids. It's either a cry for help or I'm comfortable.

* I expanded my frequenting of JP Licks' locations in the area. The one in Brookline has nice booth seating, and I devoured a relatively awesome sundae with two friends last week.

* 2 weeks until my first 5K. I have all the training down -- now I just have to do it. Am debating whether or not attempting a 10K in November would be validating or ridiculous.

* I cannot keep a thought straight in my head.

What are YOU up to?