Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Apologies for the Radio Silence

Sorry, sorry, sorry. I know I owe many of you emails back and I will get to them -- it's just been a long couple of weeks. I'm still getting settled in and only got my home connection up this weekend, and Comcast is still being wonky so that I can't access all of my sites and blah, blah, blah. I will be back.

Right now, I'm in Florida at a sales conference. It's monsooning out and I need to go get on a "dinner cruise" in about 45 minutes -- fabulous.

The good news: Cambridge is so freakin' awesome. I love it and am thoroughly enjoying getting to know it. I haven't done a lot of working out or bike riding, but I've been taking long walks and exploring. Last Friday, I walked down to Harvard and then along Memorial Drive while the sun was setting. Perfect! And my apartment is pretty great too. I'm still unpacking, but it's starting to feel like home and the "perk" of the pool when it's hot as balls out like it's been this week is such a bonus. Last night, YG met me here and we swam, watched some baseball and had some chili, chips and guacomole and then walked up to Porter for frozen yogurt. Also good -- just a half game back!

More good: still liking my job.

The bad: Remember my movers? Remember how I was nervous about them? Well, with good reason -- the guys who delivered the furniture to my house were not only the two biggest assholes on the planet who charged me extras for the most miniscule of stuff...they ALSO managed to break: my coffee table, my dining room table, a bathroom shelving unit, a nightstand, part of my futon, 7 of my 8 dinner plates, lots of other bowls, vases, and a part of my futon frame. My couch also wouldn't fit in the apartment, but even if it had, they had pretty much damaged it. It was a NIGHTMARE with the kicker being that they didn't want to sign the inventory list where I noted all the broken items because "then they'd have to pay for them." Fuckers.

Anyway, the insurance company will be handling it, and the moving company that hired these guys to do their deliveries said they'll no longer be contracting with them. Right now, I'm waiting for the revised inventory list so that I can file my claim.

Also not good: Still haven't sold the house. Please, please, please if you know of anyone interested, send them here.

Very bad: The Evil Cametoe is a fucking bitch. Period. She whines, manipulates and ambushes, and she's made a very good person doubt his own goodness. She sucks. Because I'm the mature one (mature enough to name her the Evil Cameltoe on my self-indulgent blog. Anyway) -- I try to keep my opinions about her to myself and because I'm not 12, I'll pretend like I don't want to bitch slap her ass and scream, "Get a fucking job, asshole!" Sigh.

Feeling not bad, but not good about either: My new haircut and hairdresser. She couldn't match the color exactly. It's still red, but it's not MY perfect red. And it's a bit short. AND she spent some time with mousse and a diffuser -- that's a little too flashback for me.

Also: I mailed in my divorce paperwork. My lawyer is going to prepare my docs and file. It's been a long time coming, but ick...who says, "wow, I'm so psyched I get to file for divorce. Isn't that fantastic?"

That's all I've got time for now.

Reading: The Corrections.

Listening to: lots of Bruce Springsteen, lots of Sam Prekop, not enough Weezer