Monday, March 31, 2008

I Am Deeply Embarassed By

* How little I have written lately, considering how much is going on.

* By how much I am enjoying I am enjoying reading The Other Boleyn Girl. Go on. Laugh at me. Tell me that you'd never date me. But that is some good, cheesy page turning shit. The other book I'm reading is this so you can go back to pretending that I'm super smart.

* The fact that I wear flats now more often than all my pretty shoes.

* The fact that I am going on a business trip next week and I only have one suit that fits so I'm going to wear the same suit four days in a row. I'm preparing for Europe. I refuse to wear tiny pants. Last year, I split my pants. Seriously. Never again.

* How freaked and then pleased I was to apply and then get our marriage license. With my brand spanking new, pretentious hyphenated last name. Mrs. Good Anus.

* The fact that this is all I care to say right now.