Friday, August 22, 2008

Note to Self

Next time you pack your gym bag for work, make sure you remember to pack your sports bra. You need it. You may think that you can go running in your regular bra and let it "air out" while you take a shower. You can't. It's hotter out than you think. You're going to sweat through the thing and can't put it back on. Plus, your boobs hurt. You're going to end up spending the rest of the day bra-less in a cable knit, v-neck sweater. At work. With a D Cup. Remember how comfortable that feeling was and pack the sports bra.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Back Again With Pictures

Remind me to never ever take the red eye and then attempt to work the next day. It's been hell. I am jumping from work computer to here and then back again trying to juggle work responsibilities and some other projects I'm working on since school started up again. I'm TIRED.

I wrote a lot in San Francisco, but I haven't had time to type all of that up. I write everything free hand first and then edit while typing. High tech, I know.

In the meantime: PICTURES!

Provincetown with the extended family

San Francisco with YG and MG

I think this might be my favorite:

And on my Flickr home page, there's some cute pics of the MG playing with some of my friends' kids.