Friday, May 27, 2011

June 3 & Other Odds and Ends

That's one week from today. If nature doesn't run its course before then, at this time next week, I will likely have a new baby and will be spending my first night in Mt. Auburn. Baby by appointment. Weird.

Z2's 37 week ultrasound showed him or her measuring at 8 lbs 15 oz. Those measurements are notoriously fickle, but I feel like this is another big kid. I read a story on the Internets about a woman who delivered a 12 lb baby. Then I promptly had a nightmare about it.

I had not wanted this to end. I was not happy to be scheduled before my due date. Today was 92 degrees, and I have the worst allergies ever. I have slightly revised my thinking.

We ate dinner on our porch and played ball in the yard with Zygote. She was running around laughing and hurling herself all over, and I realized that this will be our last weekend where it's just us. Just me and her. Of two minds about that -- happy and nostalgic.

Zygote has a pair of discounted Keens that I found for her online. I mentioned that her footwear qualifies her to be a Cambridge lesbian in training. SKB pointed out the acronym for that was CLIT. And we laughed. That really needs to be a real group.

I am in supreme nesting mode. I cleaned ALL the things. And then I made a pie.

Not sure I am ready for this.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Currently In Love With: Curve Appeal

Via blog stalking, I stumbled across this awesome site, Curve Appeal. Lots of cute, curvy chicks in their underpants, sometimes more, sometimes less. It's refreshingly honest.

My favorite feature is the 'search by size' one because it makes my own body dysmorphia really apparent. I look at the other women my size and think they are adorable and curvy and hot. Look at myself? Not so much. I'm still worried what I will end up looking like after this pregnancy thing is said and done. I probably worry about the looks part too much, veiled under some bullshit statements about caring about my health and my running. I do care about those things A LOT, but they tend to be secondary.

As of now, I run about 210 lbs, wear a size 14 maternity and I'm not fucking kidding with these jugs, a 40E:

Last fall at pre-preggo weight, around 175 lbs, size 12/14 and 38DD:

Being objective, I look okay. :-) Please feel free to remind my brain of this when I am in post-baby insanity. Kthxbai.