Friday, May 27, 2011

June 3 & Other Odds and Ends

That's one week from today. If nature doesn't run its course before then, at this time next week, I will likely have a new baby and will be spending my first night in Mt. Auburn. Baby by appointment. Weird.

Z2's 37 week ultrasound showed him or her measuring at 8 lbs 15 oz. Those measurements are notoriously fickle, but I feel like this is another big kid. I read a story on the Internets about a woman who delivered a 12 lb baby. Then I promptly had a nightmare about it.

I had not wanted this to end. I was not happy to be scheduled before my due date. Today was 92 degrees, and I have the worst allergies ever. I have slightly revised my thinking.

We ate dinner on our porch and played ball in the yard with Zygote. She was running around laughing and hurling herself all over, and I realized that this will be our last weekend where it's just us. Just me and her. Of two minds about that -- happy and nostalgic.

Zygote has a pair of discounted Keens that I found for her online. I mentioned that her footwear qualifies her to be a Cambridge lesbian in training. SKB pointed out the acronym for that was CLIT. And we laughed. That really needs to be a real group.

I am in supreme nesting mode. I cleaned ALL the things. And then I made a pie.

Not sure I am ready for this.

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