Saturday, April 19, 2008

Two Bizarre Dreams

1. The reoccuring one where I'm talking and all my teeth start falling out.

2. A new one where I was entered in a triathalon and I was the last person to finish swimming so everyone watching and judging the event left. And then I forgot my bike, so I had to try and borrow a bike. And Mr. Hawkins (my middle school gym teacher who I had essentially forgot existed until now) wouldn't give me his bike. So I paid a kid for her Pink Huffy and finished the race. This one actually felt real.

Still hivey.

Still kicking ass running. 3.5 miles yesterday. 4.8 miles this morning.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Four More Days of Work

Actually started this last night, but then got sidetracked, so yay, I thought about the blog two whole days in a row.

So the work project that sucks the bag is finally over. I survived. I didn't kill anyone AND I got in some fantastic runs on those killer San Francisco hills. Plus, the food. My God!

And now I am home and it is 8 days until the wedding. People keep asking me if I'm nervous and I don't think I am but I've been sort of manic, have my stress-related allergies and have been eating anything that hasn't been nailed down. Nervous that I will be a huge failure all over again? Nervous that I will fuck this up? Nervous that YG has been temporarily blinded and will wake up one day and see the mess that is me and wonder, WTF? Yeah, possibly a little. But I know that shit is all in my head and don't have any basis in reality. So, I'm choosing to focus on the little shit like my hair and my dress fitting and family fighting so that I don't have to think about the BIG.

Things that are good:
* Paris with YG in 9 days. Dude.
* While there is the fun factor in getting married again, I get to see all my friends. Lots from NYC and Syracuse and old coworkers and one friend who is visiting from Ireland. Sweet!
* I'm registered for 6 runs this spring and fall. Two five milers which would be my longest distance ever, and a bunch of 5Ks. I'm really psyched.
* I got promoted. Finally.
* YG got into Presidio so starting in July, he will be "commuting" to San Francisco once a month. I'm so proud of him because this is something he really wanted, but I'm selfish, so more time in SF for me = awesome. We both have a feeling that we may end up there permanently some day.
* Post wedding, I can finally chop my hair off. I know that I am a bad feminist and obviously suffering the strain of the Wedding Industrial Complex because I grew my hair in the first place, but yay. Chop Chop.
* Spring seems to finally be here. I am sockless.
* I am blogging. See! You are reading it. Because of work, I took a brief hiatus on my writing projects but I'm back and ready for the summer.
* In pop culture news, a woman finally won The Biggest Loser.
* In other pop culture news, NKOTB reunion!
* One month later, I am still caffeine free.
* I got to see Al Gore speak. He was really funny, in a totally unexpected way.
* New jeans that look motherfucking awesome. Mid-rise straight just like Stacy and Clinton advise.

The Meh:
* The MG has pink eye. Again. I am highly suspectible to getting this and REALLY would like to avoid skeeve eye in wedding photos.
* Although I am still caffeine free and staying relatively far away from sugar and white flour, that didn't seem to be the cause of my allergy woes. I am still as hivey as ever.
* The election. The fact that the Democrats can't get their shit together in this kind of political climate -- WHEN IT SHOULD BE A CAKE WALK -- continues to amaze.
* Money. Paris is going to be expensive yo.
* Regarding Stacy and Clinton, my coworker and I actually saw Clinton in the San Francisco airport when we were getting off our flight from Boston. I worship What Not to Wear and absolutely love Clinton, but just walked right by him because this was probably the one time in my life that I wore old jeans, sneakers and a gym hoodie on the plane because I wanted to sleep. :-(