Thursday, May 31, 2007


Memorial Day weekend was beyond awesome, but I haven't written about that yet because it would require, ya know, effort and a can-do, winning attitude.

Moving Blows

I have spent a glamorous evening vacuuming, cleaning the fridge and will now embark upon the mess that is the bathroom. There are boxes everywhere. I'm desperately cleaning so that when NN and K come up this weekend (yay), I don't let their offspring choke on a hairball that I've left to rot on the floor. Seriously, I could construct a whole army of cats with all the hair around here. Sigh.

Does this constitute writing? Or whining? Or both? Maybe? A little? Whatever.

On more whining: I am still chubina despite the Couch to 5K program AND 26 miles on my bike this weekend. I drowned my sorrows last night in this lovely concoction mixed up of foods in the house that I don't want to move with me: one pound pasta, lots of salt, lots of pepper, glob of olive oil, grated cheese. Hawht!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sticky, sticky, stuck

From an email message that I sent to YG. Edits made to assure that I don't get my ass fired.

"Today was a little meh. I talked with [boss]and he doesn't see [boss'
bosses] hiring somebody for [position that I am doing, but shouldn't and
position in which I am not particularly happy] for at least six months.
:-( I don't know where he's getting that from, but it just put me in a
bad mood and I did a LinkedIn/Monster search at lunch just to see what's out
there. Again - one year later. I *really* don't want just another job, but I
think I need to talk to somebody (maybe a [life coach name] person or a
career counselor or whatever) because. . . I think I'm
Sigh. "

I know I'm smart. And a hard worker. I just don't know what I should do with that. And all of the "what should I do with my life?" and "what color is your parachute?" and "Zen and the art of making a living" shit that lines my bookshelves is apparently not helping.