Friday, February 08, 2008

Losties Go Here

DP has been recapping Lost episodes again and always catches something I don't. Check it out.

My Sawyer nickname is Professor.

Name Changes

I am still on the fence about what I'm going to do with my name post-marriage. I will either just stay Jenn Mylast, as I've always been or I'd hyphenate and be Jenn Mylast-Hislast. I can't quite get used to the idea of introducing myself with another name, but I have some time to decide. YG approached me with the idea of combining our names and making a new one. This came as a suprise as he is sort of a brand -- almost always Hisfirst Hislast, and never just Hisfirst. He figured out that you can combine our names with minimal changes and come up with "Good Anus."
This, among other reasons, is why I am marrying him.

Because Mrs. Good Anus? Snort! Hee hee hee.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fuckpig Part Deux

And oh yeah, I'm going to try and post more about things that I am grateful for, instead of bitching for a change.

Fat Tuesday: Sayonara Fuckpig

It's that time of year. Fat Tuesday -- the last day before Lent begins. Every year, I try and give up something, along with adding something new to my daily routine. And every year, I usually fail in the "giving up." One year it was chocolate; another year it was spending money on shoes, and then another year it was Fat Free Wheat Thins. Jesus died for our sins -- I give up mass-marketed carbohydrates. Seems like a fair trade. Recently, I was reminded that Protestants don't give things up for Lent, but this is one Catholic thing that YG and I can't give up.

So this year, I have resolved to do two things:

* Remind myself that I am rich compared to most of the world, so I'm attempting to live on half of my paycheck for the next two months.

* Clean up my filthy language.

Unfortunately, of these two, I think that the first one might actually be easier. I have such a hard time with the language, but now that we have the MG around more, I'm really AWARE of how bad it is.

So, on this Fat Tuesday, I'm listing out the words that I'm giving up for the next 40days and 40 nights, including some of my favorites:

* Douche, douchebag, douchehound, douchebuggery, etc.

* Shit, shithead, shitsville

* Cocksucker, cum guzzler

* I am not giving up "balls" or "testicles" hands down. But, when YG and I are sparring, I will refrain from saying, "Hey, you've got some nad sweat on your head," or "oooh, look. There's a testy pube in your front tooth." Also, I will need to find a new way to talk about bad days because "sucks the bag" is taking a break.

* Vagina, except in conversations where I may happen to be talking about my actual vagina. Things like "he's a pussy" or "suck vag" will be going away.

* Dirty whore, skank ho and the like.

* Fuck, fucker, fucktard, fucked, what the fuck, fucktastic, and my newly crowned favorite word EVER: fuckpig. Fuckpig is just so, so, so perfect, but I will find a way to move on.

And now it's time to go spend some money, before midnight strikes.