Friday, July 15, 2011

Six Weeks

Z2 turned six weeks old today. As with Zygote, the time has alternatively flown by and dragged ridiculously. It's amazing how little I manage to get done with all this supposed time. Z2 is doing well. She's a porker (12 lbs at 1 month old), so the vast majority of my time has been spent feeding her while watching lots of TV (finally jumped on the Glee bandwagon!)

Other things I have been doing:

* I got the okay to start exercising again even though I still need to wait a few weeks for my incision to completely heal before running again. I've been walking 3-4 miles daily with the stroller and generally just enjoying the weather. One of the benefits to having a newborn is that she's relatively portable. If she's sleeping, I can pretty much go anywhere. Not sleeping is a crapshoot.

* I joined a bunch of moms' groups. I discovered this great resource in the Jewish Family and Children's Service -- there are basically meetings every day of the week, and I always have someplace to go. Today I ran into someone I "knew" from back when I was active on Indiebride. I still find it hard to just go up to people and start talking, but hey, I'm trying.

* ACTIVELY searching LinkedIn and the job sites, along with reading a lot of what color is your crappy parachute stuff.

* Catching up on my blog stalking. This primarily occurs during the nighttime feedings, and I make notes to write about the things I'm reading, but see above: lots of time, but no time.

* Lots of laundry. Seriously, it's ridiculous.

* Hanging out with YG. He has an office in Harvard Square this summer, so we have been able to have some lunches together.

* Puttering/avoiding writing thank you notes.

It's pretty boring actually, but at least this time, I expected that. With Zygote, I kept referring to my impending maternity leave as "my summer off" and people laughed like crazy - something I understood when I finally got there. This time, it's ....nice.