Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Old Man is Forty!

YG is forty today! And we are going to Vegas (because I am awesome.

The Birthday boy.

With his gifts.

This is awesome.

Pictures from our vacation are here.

In other news, I got quite a few emails after my earlier breakdown about work which was really, really nice. I've decided that I am going to stick it out until the wedding (in two months) because our big trade show happens before then, and I feel that it would be very unprofessional to leave before then. I made a committment to my clients, and although I am miserable, I don't back out on work committments. I will however start looking for a new job in May. I am still on the fence over whether or not I'm just going to leave, cross my fingers and hope I find something....or stay until I have another job. It all depends on how the next few months pan out. The idea of having no paycheck is terrifying. The idea of being this sick over work is way MORE terrifying.

Where I need help -- I am dying to get out of Tech PR and do something really different. Maybe PR/comms for education or public health. If you have any contacts or insights, please email me. It's really hard to network when everyone you know kind of does the same thing.

As for the being depressed about all this -- I'm hoping that a weekend in Vegas with booze, boobs and guns will brighten my mood.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been MIA because of vacation and some serious depression, I guess. Lots of family stuff (will post the story later of my poor little cousin who got hit by a car) and general homesickness.

But my job. It is the suck. I can't work here anymore. I cannot cry everyday at work. I cannot feel this terrible about myself and my career every freakin' day. I need a new job or some new cocktail of anti-depressants because I can't even breathe.

I used to feel like I made a miniscule of difference in my career. Now I am at the bottom of the barrell and going absolutely nowhere. And I'm not respected AT ALL. And I have no power AT ALL.

To quote Project Runway, "I don't want to be in a cubicle spending time realizing someone else's vision."

I was here until 9 p.m. last night. I have no idea how to make it through this day without quitting.