Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh, The Hilarity

I spent two hours at the Social Security Administration building this morning to apply for the new SSA card that will allow me to process all the other shit I need to change now that I am Jenn Pretentious-Asshole. One hour and 57 minutes to wait in line, about 3 minutes for the actual transaction. I forgot a book so I ended up having to read Car and Driver, ESPN: The Magazine and brochures about SSA benefits. I was hoping for some crazies or at least some irate huffers, but it was sort of mellow.

The boss man let us out early today so I spent lots of time on the Internets looking for stuff to make me laugh instead of cleaning the house, as I should. I found:

* Stuff White People Like -- I actually discovered this a few months ago, thanks to the hilarious St. Patrick's Day post, and then forgot it existed. Thank you, universe, for this rediscovered joy.

* And then via a friend's blog, List of the Day. The friend linked specifically this post on photobombing (when random folk end up in your pictures) that had me seriously fucking crying, tears streaming down my face. I decided to poke around and nearly peed over Velvet Paintings and 10 Least Romantic Love Song Lyrics, although "I'm her to put this dick on you" sounds plenty romantic to me.

Tomorrow we head to Six Flags and on Sunday, my five mile race . Monday, SKB and fam are coming over for some big meat on the grill. 3 days off!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

3 Months. Seriously?

I just spent two days in management training, learning about "values" and "leadership" and things of that nature. I also knew this, but was sadly "re-informed" that there is no such thing as maternity leave at my company or many others. You get your 6 weeks from FMLA and then if you've been with the company long enough, short-term DISABILITY leave. DISABILITY. Seriously. On a personal note, it makes it really hard to plan your career. From a management perspective, it makes it really hard to say things like "we have great work-life balance program" with a straight face. Ick.

I am off to research.