Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Listening To Right Now

On my Ipod, my "I'm leaving here and moving to MA" playlist, pared down from about 100 songs:

1. Dirty Water -- The Standells. Boston, you're my town..soon.
2. America -- Neil Diamond. You know you love it.
3. Across the Universe -- Rufus Wainwright. Just because.
4. Seasons -- Neil Halstead. I love it.
5. New York State of Mind -- Billy Joel. Who cares if it's cheesey? It's still awesome.
6. Homeward Bound -- Simon & Garfunkel.
7. The Long and Winding Round -- The Beatles.
8. Good-Bye to Carolina -- Lyle Lovett. LOVE. A friend put this on a mix. How did I not know that Lyle Lovett was cool?
9. Jersey Girl -- Tom Waits. Always.
10. Lowell, MA -- Death Cab for Cutie. Because they're the greatest.
11. Every Ghetto Every City -- Lauryn Hill. Get your groove on.
12. What's the World Got In Store -- Wilco. For me?
13. I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane -- Chantal Kreviazuk. Great Cover.
14. Chinatown -- Luna. This song reminds me of hanging out in New York right after college.
15. As We Walk to Fenway Park in Boston Town -- Jonathan Richman. For YG.
16. NYC -- Interpol.
17. The Only Living Boy in New York -- Simon & Garfunkel. Always been a great song, but thank you, t.v. crush Zack Braff, for putting this on the Garden State soundtrack.
18. Marching Bands of Manhattan -- Death Cab for Cutie. So good.
19. Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd. For all my bitches.

1 comment:

the legend said...

virginia reel around the fountain

by the Halo Benders

(Doug Marsh from Built to Spill)

a recommendation, especially for the drive to a new city.