Thursday, June 01, 2006

What's a Buyer Do?

My sister is a buyer and whenever people ask me what that means, I'm never quite sure how to answer. The NYT explains.

While I love the Times, some of this stuff just floored me:

"The men favored short haircuts and dark suits with white or pale blue shirts. Their physiques were soft, perhaps from riding on the seats of commuter trains. The women, on the whole, looked in better shape, and their attire fell on the side of tasteful rather than fashionable."

Tasteful isn't fashionable? Huh? And yes, only commuters are fat with "soft physiques." This problem doesn't afflict the good people of Manhattan.


"During the meeting, leggings were a source of surprise and excitement. Macy's sold 2,000 pairs the previous week. Customers, filled up on black leggings, now wanted them in stripes and floral prints with lace. "

WHY GOD, WHY? Leggings? Floral print leggings with lace? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I had those leggings circa 1990. It's like if I went to a designer and said, "Look, I really need a pair of pants that will make my ass look lumpy, droopy and just HUGE too. In a synthetic stretch material. And oh yeah, if you could add a little lace too, that would be great." Leggings = BAD. Just BAD.

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