Thursday, November 02, 2006

Live Music! Death Cab! Woo hoo!

YG and I just got back from the Death Cab for Cutie show at the Opera House. So, yeah, it fucking rocked. They opened with the 405, about five seconds after YG said, "I think 'The 405' is my favorite Death Cab song." They also hit "I'll Follow You" and then started the encore with "Marching Bands of Manhattan", getting me all homesick and nostalgic.

Very mixed crowd. Lots of the over 30 crowd like us. And lots of tweens that made me randomly remember going to see Teenage Fanclub when I was 15 with Brian and Kristen, and then having a minor heart seizure when I heard that record at the Tower Records in Cambridge last winter (back before I decided to ever live here) and the record store clerk told me, "wow, you saw this tour? I was so young. I saw it on SNL!"

Anyway, it was awesome. I had mad fun being the old lady bopping around with my old boyfriend. And the best part -- they finished by 10:30 so I was back in Cambridge by 11 and now am in my pajamas drinking tea. Woo hoo! Rock'n'roll!

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