Sunday, May 06, 2007

We Have A Place To Live

After a series of misses and a lot of freaking out on my part, we have finally found the perfect place to live. Great neighborhood, great place, great perks -- I'm really excited. I know that we'll be happy there and the MG gets a really cool room, and we get an office...and relatively important, I get to keep all my shoes. :-)

Now on to the packing...

In other news, the bad news stuff that I alluded to in one of my last posts is getting better. I really wanted something at work. It didn't work out, and I thought I was okay with it, but after a particularly bad week last week, I ended CRYING...AT WORK. In front of my boss. I am horrified and mortified and so goddam pissed at myself for getting so emotional. I feel like it makes me look like someone that can't be taken seriously, that shouldn't be given big tasks, etc. I'm still sort of shaken, but am hoping that I can put it behind me. Or better yet, hoping that everyone that witnessed my meltdown can. It's not a regular occurance, but I loathe anything that makes me appear, well, ...human, to anybody else.

On the good work news, we have a new person on the team that I'm very excited to work with. Things didn't work out for me, but she was the only person that I considered a real asset and that I really wanted to work with. Back to the mortification -- I'm absolutely horrified that my sniffles and crying and meltdown occured during her first week, but fingers crossed that she doesn't think I'm a total dipshit and will let me prove how good I can be. I haven't been this excited to work with a bunch of people in a long time.

That's the abridged version. I had a long drawn out post about how I should just quit my job and work at Starbuck's because I am obviously incompetent. But I'm not. I'm pretty fucking smart, and I had a pretty great weekend so I declare an end to the wallowing.

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Anonymous said...

Now who among us has not had a tearfest at work? Raise hands, people. No one? Yeah, thought so :) Maybe the boss and your new colleague just thought it was wicked cool that you're so passionate about your work. We're crying back in your old stomping grounds, but it isn't because we're passionate about work. -- DP