Sunday, August 30, 2009

Post 5: Sentimental Nonsense

Zygote has learned how to laugh. She will open her mouth wide, move her head from side to side and bellow. It's redonk adorable.

Tonight, YG and I were leaning over her changing table, shoulder to shoulder, talking to her. She had been a little bitch earlier in the evening, probably tired out from the long drive. We had to leave our friend's house because of her constant screaming, and home was no better. Eventually, though, she calmed down and we set on her table to get her ready for bed. We would each say something to her and she'd coo and giggle. If we didn't know better (and to avoid becoming the type of holier-than-thou parents who think their children are geniuses), we would swear she was talking to us. YG tickled her and she screeched and smiled, and he exclaimed, "oh, you are so cute."

"Look what we made," I said, staring at her. Then I started to cry AGAIN.

"See, Zygote," YG exclaimed. "Mommy isn't the crusty, cold person she thinks she is. She's a sentimental softie."

Zygote cocked her head. I spoke for her, "I don't know, man. Sometimes she's a real bitch."

And then we all laughed.

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