Monday, September 28, 2009

Post 29: Things That Were Awesome About This Summer

A far from exhaustive list:

1. Zygote. Do I really need to get into this one? Watching her go from rubbery blob to tiny, sometimes blobby person has been amazing.

2. Two weeks in Long Island.

3. The return of copious amounts of wine and beer to my diet.

4. An inordinate amount of time watching bad t.v. and not feeling guilty, like usual, because I was 'nourishing my child' while doing so.

5. Running again.

6. Discovering Cambridge and Somerville with the stroller.

7. Reading.

8. Not working.

9. Restaurant Week.

10. The Water Club at Atlantic City.

11. JP Licks.

12. Walden Pond.

13. My birthday.

14. Being able to stay in NJ for more than 24 hours.

15. Drinks in Davis with YG, while church friends watched Zygote.

16. Can we say AL Division Champs?

17. Seeing old friends.

18. Sleeping until 9 most days, showering whenever, unemployment (read: elastic waist) pants

19. Ball games

20. Dinners on the porch with a bottle of wine.

It wasn't quite the "Summer of JM" that I imagined, but it was still pretty great.

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