Thursday, June 17, 2010

Live Blogging (Maybe): Celtics v. Lakers Game 7

I had some serious posts planned, but this could be more fun. Assuming I don't run out of battery power, here we go.

* I am 12 years old. Every time someone talks about someone's stroke, I giggle.
* I still don't like Charles Barkley. Why is he in every commercial on tv?
* I love you, Dos Equis man, the most interesting man in the world.
* There is a rumor that Pau Gasol is gay. Not with that neck hair, me thinks.
* My mother refers to Lamar Odom as the guy "married to that fat Kardashian."
* Love that they put the Great White Hope in for a few seconds in the end of the first half. Call me, Brian. We can do yoga together.
* YG just gave me a wet willy when I made fun of the Red Sox for only winning 6 World Series. He claimed the right number was 8. The right answer is 7.
* Jeff Van Gundy -- the most photogenic announcer on tv.
* "High tension situation" -- no shit.
* It's Rondo Time.
* 1 million dollars an hour = 8,760,000,000 dollars a year, per YG. In response to Toyota commercial.
* I remember Ray Allen when he played for UConn. It's been a long time since we graduated.
* Lots of profanity. 13 point lead. I love when you catch these guys mouthing "MOTHAFUCKA!"

So far. Signing off at 10:45 p.m.

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Anannaymous said...

hahahahahhaha, This is fantastic