Monday, March 21, 2011

Advancing My Big Gay Political Agenda One Child At A Time

Sometimes the small people do pay attention.

The MG: Are [My Brother and brother’s boyfriend*] going to get married?

JM: Um, I don’t know. Maybe.

[Launch standard feminist discourse about how not everybody wants to get married, sometimes unequal institution, blah blah. Subtext being ‘You will not marry some couch hogging n’er do well who wants you to work extra shifts at Dunkin Donuts to support his video game habit and occasional recreational drug use. You will go to college and be successful (read: not live in my house) and after you have conquered the world, you can worry about boys.’]

[MG rolls eyes. Sighs impatiently.]

MG: Yeah, I KNOW. But if they get married, will they get married here or someplace like here where they can get married?

JM: Um, probably, if they want to get married. There are not a lot of states that allow gay people to get married.

MG: Because they are stupid.

JM: Exactly.

* I was going to refer to them as B and J, and then started laughing. BJ. Ha ha ha. Oh, blow jobs. So hilarious. I really have no right to be educating children.


Brian said...

We will have to get those fancy invitations that have just our first initials on the front!

JP said...

Um . . . I thought we were just going to send out a mass text.