Monday, February 03, 2014

Explanations. Or What isThe #365feministselfie project?

Viva La Feminista explains


"The point of feminist selfies are to show — and see — real women. Arreola [voice of Viva La Feminista]explains, "The photos are about the real you. They aren't supposed to be the glam-you (although those are welcomed). The foundation of this challenge [is to] conquer [the] fear of seeing yourself We might look at ourselves to put our contacts in, even makeup on, but taking a selfie and posting it means really looking at yourself. And hopefully at the end (or much sooner!) you will find it less painful and more enjoyable. I don't want to turn us into Paris Hiltons, but rather individuals who don't cringe when we need to take a photo."
 A dude's take

Guessing we'll see a lot more debate.

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