Thursday, May 25, 2006

Brief Moment of Regret? Worry? Followed By "Things I Won't Miss About the Suburbs"

I went out to dinner with my mom, sister and my mom's friend last night after she spent a bunch of time taking pictures of the house and "staging" for showing the house. This apparently consists of putting a LOT of fake flowers, plants and vases (brought over from the Bonnie and Doug basement where knick knacks go to die) everywhere and putting on a nicer bedspread -- one that doesn't show so much cat hair. The place looks good, although I'm almost afraid to touch anything.

Anyway, we were eating dinner and watching the baseball game on the bar's t.v. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Yankees up by 2, but bases loaded in the bottom of the 8th and David Ortiz coming up to bat. Yikes! Watching the screaming fans at Fenway and listening to the always-audible chants of "Yankees suck," I had a brief moment of wondering what the hell I'm doing and where it is that I'm moving to. I'm going to live among these people? I live and breathe baseball. I love the Yankees, I go to games, I read the books, I tolerate Michael Kay, I've been to spring training multiple times....I am a FAN! But those Red Sox fans? Truly, a different animal. :-)

Topic shift.
File under Things I Won't Miss About the Suburbs: The new Walkmen album came out earlier this week. I had to go to 3 different stores before finally locating it at a mega-Borders. NN got me into these guys a few years ago. At first I was unimpressed and didn't understand her undying devotion, but they grew on me and I went through a phase of listening to only Bows + Arrows for about 3 months straight.

I won't miss not being able to find the "good" music I like to listen to. On the flip side, I've never had a problem locating the following out where I live: Ultimate Manilow, REO Speedwagon's Greatest Hits, Glam Rock Hits of the 80s, Poison's Greatest Hits (which KF and I belted out at the top of our lungs driving down the FDR a few summers ago), Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart, and the soundracks to every nerdy movie, including Fame, Grease, and The Wedding Singer, I've ever seen. So there you go.


Anonymous said...

A Yankee fan moves to Boston? Heaven forbid! As a devoted member of Red Sox Nation, I can say that for all the crap we give Yankees fans, we always appreciate true fans of the game - even Yankee fans. You know the rules, can score a game and don't own any baseball gear with the color pink (well, except ONE thing... he he). So welcome to Red Sox nation. Just be careful where you brandish clothing with the "NYY symbols. I cannot guarantee your safety :-)
--- Standing member of Red Sox Nation, a/k/a YG

Anonymous said...

the new walkmen album is not their best. at first i thought i barely liked it. but they still have my undying devotion. fave songs:

-danny's at the wedding
-emma get me a lemon
-all hands and the cook (started the show with this at webster hall last week....amazing)
-good for you's good for me
-(jenn's new anthem) lost in boston
-brandy alexander
-another one goes by

the others kind of suck. but hamilton leithauser is still my personal god, even though i find myself married and pregnant these days.