Sunday, June 18, 2006

And Some Not-So-Awesome Things

  • Still no buyer for the house. Still negotiating. St. Joseph, where are you?
  • No money. See above.
  • My $115 NYC parking ticket. No parking after 11 p.m. I run back to the car -- ticket was issued at 11:13. Grrr.....
  • No money. See above.
  • The asshat who threw a milkshake at my windshield on the Turnpike. I hope you find yourself infested with butt mites, jackass.
  • The injury report. While closing the window today, my mom's extremely-heavy realtor sign fell and split my thumb. It bled for HOURS and still hurts like a bitch and looks worse.
  • Alex Rodriguez. I hate you and I think you suck, and Mike and the Mad Dog can eat it if they think I'm a bad fan for saying that. If you want to be the highest paid player in baseball, try PLAYING like the highest paid player in baseball. And oh yeah, try not to cheat, Mr. Slap Play, because they have this crazy invention called t.v. that might catch you doing it. And before you all start complaining, yes, I know that was 2004. But that was the true start of my deepening hate for this one, and I'd need a whole different blog if I was going to log down every time this whiny brat missed a play or missed a chance to come up big.
  • The end of my unemployment. I would really rather like to be independently wealthy.

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