Sunday, June 25, 2006

Week in Review

Well, I'm back in NJ, but have about an hour or so before I need to head off to another graduation party and then back up to Massachusetts. The movers come in a week and I'm still in overwhelmed mode -- I feel like I got nothing done this weekend.

The job seems great. So far I like my coworkers and I like their philosophy on public relations. I've already started getting involved in projects, and they're REAL -- a few things that will actually have measurable impact on sales and revenue. I'm psyched, but also have my usual nagging shitty committee in my head wondering if I'll be able to handle it and if I'm good enough. Sigh. Oh well. I'm glad that the job seems like a good fit -- it makes everything else seem a little bit easier. And oh yeah -- casual dress code. Woo hoo!

Other random bits:
  • I got to ride the rail trail with YG -- 16 miles and got my flat speed up to 20 mph. Very cool. I'm looking forward to much more bike riding this season.
  • I joined the gym at work. It's small, but it's FREE. Key word being free.
  • Book on CD I'm currently listening to: Devil in the White City. It's pretty excellent and perfect for the 4-hour back and forth.
  • Missing: bad TV. Can't wait until the new apartment is set up and I can get back to my craptastic marathons.
  • Am caught up on: Rescue Me. Why aren't you watching this show? BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION.
  • Suprisingly haven't had time for: much reading or writing. Hopefully this changes soon.

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