Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'd Rather Be Watching America's Next Top Model

But I said I was going to do this thing, at least for three days anyway. Plus, I need something to drag me away from the Thai food before I put myself into a noodle-and-soy-sauce-induced coma.

The day:
I spent last night at YG's so this morning was play time with the MG. Being around children is so....weird. I don't know how parents do it. On the one hand, I remember being a kid and how my parents' bad moods affected me. On the other hand, sometimes I get annoyed, and I can't always be in a perfect mood. Right? Someone back me up.

We've been having this "issue" with the bathroom. The issue being that I'm not really down with people being in there with me when I'm going about my biz. I have very few boundaries, but this is one. I believe that peeing is a solo sport. Maybe I'll change my mind after I have my own kids, but for now, that's MY space. The MG had this habit of just barging into the bathroom while I was in there, and I spoke to her about making sure she knocked first. After the kid volley of why?but why? and no, really, why? I thought I made my point, and I've had a large expanse of solo peeing time lately. But this morning I heard her creeping into the bathroom without knocking, and I must have snotted at her or been much more bitchy than I thought, but she threw her hairbrush on the counter, crossed her arms, thrust out her lip, and gave me Evil Kid Glare. And continued to give me Evil Kid Glare until I started jumping around and fooling around and acting generally spastic. Weird. I spend way too much time wondering about whether or not these little things are going to affect her "development" and if she's going to end up a Serial Killer because I snotted at her once. Sigh...Anyway...

Work was work. Busy, but quiet.

I had my WW weigh-in and was only up 1.2 over the holiday weekend. Given Thanksgiving, the party, the road food, the leftovers, etc. I'm really pleased with that. My goal is to finish the year within 2 pounds of my most recent low -- which was 153.2. We'll see. YG has been a fucking Superstar lately with this stuff, so that helps.

Had a doc appointment after work and then went home, walked up to Porter and ordered Thai. Walked back, watched Gilmore Girls, and am now uploading a bunch of my recent cds to my iTunes library. I'm so excited about Starland Vocal Band -- everyone I know is TOTALLY getting a mix with Afternoon Delight on it for Christmas. :-)

I know you want this glamorous life.

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