Thursday, November 30, 2006

Serious For A Minute

I really don't GET the anti-gay marriage people. I consider myself a fairly educated and logical person, and I'm willing to listen to a logical argument, but I just don't GET why we should deny gay people the right to marry. Then again, I don't think that mo's are Satan-worshipping, flag-burning pyschotics coming to sodomize the Young in a town near year either. So maybe I'm a little bit biased. Anti-gay marriage sounds more to me like discriminating against a certain section of the population, and how is that right?

Thank God Mitt Romney is around to protect my "right to petition." Whatever. Putting minority rights up to a popular vote? Ummmm.....yeah. That works.

Not entirely unrelated: I kinda love the slippery slope folks with their logical arguments and all. If we let the gays marry, then what's to stop people from marrying their pets? The horror! That would have totally destroyed the sanctity of MY marriage.

Anyway, blah. I gotta eat. I am not on the CR. I promise I'll have more on these muthafuckers later.

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Jared Toporek said...

You know as well as I that this is not about protecting traditional marriage. That whole arguments is a ruse, as if the whole argument deserves your intellectual consideration.

The real argument is this "Thuh bahble sez thayt homosexuality is a sin, and since we ahre a Kristian Nayshun, homosexuals should be stoned."

It's about the government establishing policy that would legally recognize gay and lesbian couple, in effect making them legitimate. The Supreme Court just decriminalized gay sex, and the A-holes who screamed about that one are the sames ones whining about the "sanctity of marriage". Shouldn't these people worry about something more serious, like Rev. Haggard sodomizing little boys with dildos made of crystal meth?

Now quit pontificating about such foolishness and send me whatever you've written for your emailed response already.