Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back To The Grind and Other Things

Made it back to The People's Republic with little fanfare. Leaving early was the right thing today and gave me enough time to mentally adjust to the fact that I have to work -- FIVE DAYS IN A ROW -- this week.

The long weekend was fantastic. I didn't read enough, write enough, blog enough, do enough, etc. but I think that's what I needed -- a nice weekend of visits and eating and baby gazing and not doing much of anything. I got back to work yesterday and back to my regular workout/running routine today.

Now I have a list of hundreds of things to do in the next month including:

* Christmas shopping
* Registering for classes
* Holiday hoo hah (tree and whatnot)
* Grocery shopping and bill paying and the mundane
* Writing pretentious Christmas letter and making out cards
* Wedding stuff
-- finding florist
-- finishing playlists
-- finishing guest list
-- invitations
-- figuring how to pay for all this

Should be a busy month or so.

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