Sunday, May 02, 2010

Clothes Horse

My first batch of outfits is up. I am slightly weirded out, yet fascinated, by the number of views on the pictures. Are people really that interested in clothes? Or is it a fetish/stalker thing? People find this blog by googling "swinging testicles" so I should not be surprised by anything on the Internets.

In other clothes news, I like this blog. I read a lot of fashion blogs, but given my day job, it's not like I can really wear a lot of the super stylin' hip stuff people are blogging about. Never mind that I'm neither stylin' nor hip. The stuff at Corporette combines cool clothes with things you can wear to a white dude office.

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Anonymous said...

Chalk up my view! I like this series. I'm also a Corporette fan. Have you read I think you'd like it ...

P.S. My confirmation word to post this is "gored." I think your blog is getting a little violent :)