Sunday, March 27, 2011

Choose Z2's Team Affiliation

I live for the Yankees. YG loves the Red Sox. Zygote is being raised in the Yankee tradition. The MG wears a pink Red Sox cap. Right now we are somewhat equal. I say somewhat because you try living in Boston as a Yankee fan. Z2 is going to break the tie...

OR Z2 gets to be independent. We're thinking of doing a Facebook poll to help him or her choose. I wanted to do a Top 5 choices, but YG thinks it should be narrowed to three. Right now, our picks are:

1. NY Mets
YG: They are not the Yankees
JM: 1986

2. SF Giants
Both: We hope to live there someday
Both: Bandwagon

3. Tampa Bay Devil Rays
JM: They suck
YG: They are like a real team now.
Both: Contenders to keep friendly family rivalry around.

Your thoughts?

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