Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Small Changes/Big Bed

YG and I bought Zygote a toddler bed. She's probably a little young to start sleeping in a bed, but we don't have room for two cribs and we really are trying to stay as decluttered as possible in our small space. When we put the bed together and put all the bedding on a few weeks ago, she immediately began climbing and jumping up and down, yelling "wheeeee!" But when we tried to get her to take a nap in there, it was all 'Bitches, please. No."

We slowly moved some of her things into the bed and that got her comfortable enough to start taking naps in there. I didn't make any attempts to have her spend a full night there, but last night, after the full routine (book, ABC song, Wheels on the Bus, ABC song again, My Favorite Things interrupted, Wheels on the Bus), she pointed at the bed and said, "in."

"Z," I asked. "Do you want to sleep in the big girl bed?"

She nodded and pointed.

"Not in the crib?"

Again with the point and nod. I placed her on the bed, turned out the light and sat down next to her, going through the ABC song again. She grabbed my hand in the dark and placed it on her belly and started rubbing. I stayed a while, kissed her goodnight and shut the door.

Then I cried.

And then I obsessively listened to the monitor and checked on her about 50 times to make sure she was still breathing and hadn't busted out of the house to go buy crack.

Nothing happened. YG was in the living room this morning when she woke up, and he said she opened the door and walked out, but had managed to snag her blanket in the door after she shut it. "Uh oh," she exclaimed, and then figured out a way to get herself loose. She's a big girl now.

I have spent an awful lot of the past two years wishing she could do some things on her own, and now she is, and I am feeling grossly sentimental.

It's a small change -- her moving to a bed--but it's a big thing. For me, anyway.

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