Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Today: Bad TV

I'm sure I will eventually get around to all the real things that I'm grateful for like friends, family, blah, blah, but the frivalous things are fun too. America's Next Top Model kicks off tonight and I couldn't be more happy. I LOVE this show! It's a sick, sick addiction and I need help. Already we've had Tyra in some gold lame outfit using her faux European accent and claiming herself "The Goddess of Fierce," along with your standard freakshows like the Jesus freak, the uppity bitch, a conspiracy theorist and someone with "anxiety issues" who also collects pens. It is scripted, sparkly crack and it is awesome.

In other news, Zygote is doing well. I passed my glucose test so no gestational diabetes. Woot! Unfortunately, my anemia is getting worse so I have yet another iron supplement to take. But poop stories -- yay!

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