Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July Weekend in List Form

1. Two seven mile runs along the Charles
2. 100 miles on the bike for YG
3. One essay edited
4. One book nearly finished (reading, that is)
5. Two trips to JP Licks
6. One dinner on the porch
7. One nap on the blanket in our backyard
8. Mass meat consumption
9. Zygote's first turn on the Swan Boats
10. One fabulous view of the Esplanade from the Red Line
11. Zygote's first turn on the carousel at the Common, and a dip in Frog Pond

12. One happy birthday to my mom
13. One happy birthday to USA! USA!
14. One dip in the lake with Zygote
15. Two servings of homemade risotto
16. A beyond-count amount of Miller High Life
17. One concert: She & Him at House of Blues
18: Listening to She & Him album: multiple
19: Smiles: multiple
20: Rest: multiple

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