Thursday, July 08, 2010

In Support of NOPWAD, a Fabulous New National Organization!

I wish I could claim responsibility for coining the term NOPWAD, the National Organization for People Who Advocate the Divorce (of their Mutual Friends Who Obviously Hate Each Other But Stay Together For Religious / Social Reasons), but sadly I am not that funny. I saw it in the comments section of an article about NOM's (National Organization for Marriage) Creepy Summer bus tour, and laughed my ass off.

From NOM's blog site:

"We have a right to vote for marriage. And we are going to fight for our rights—and, most importantly, for our children’s right to grow up in a country where God’s truth about marriage trumps political correctness and judicial tyranny! We’re here, we support marriage, we’re not going anywhere!. . . This is a chance to meet others who share our deepest values; to identify, energize and equip fellow activists; and to send a powerful message to elites who pretend that Americans don’t care about this issue. If they can isolate us, they can intimidate us. But the people united cannot be defeated!"

Sigh. What to say, really? "Supporting" marriage means being anti-gay? Gay marriages are somehow different than heterosexual marriages? If you're for strengthening marriages, why not let people who made the choice to get married stay married? I have a really hard time understanding exactly what NOM's premise is.

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