Friday, September 15, 2006

Linky link

I've been a long time reader of Tomato Nation, and was catching up today.

A good one:
I'm not homesick, but this bit did make me tear up a bit:
"I had that album on for whatever reason, needing something familiar, and of course I had to listen to "America" a few dozen times -- even though the cheesy keyboard on the live version always drives me nuts -- because the crowd greets the "counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike" line with a happy roar. Every time I hear that line, wherever I am, I smile, because the Turnpike is a thing that belongs to me, the banks of reeds, the big blue steel dinosaurs in Kearny, the rest stops named for poets. It's mine because it's home and it's home because it's mine. "

And this one:
Because of my recent games fascination, and props for mentioning Max Fisher.
"I feel like women are sort of encouraged by society to talk about what dorks they were in school, and how, if we got straight As, we had to pay for it with no dates, and that it's especially important for women to kind of mediate our dorkiness so we don't come off as "too intense" or "threatening" or whatever it is that makes a smart girl theoretically less hot."

Other good reads:
Blurbomat on Steve Irwin's death

And the original article it links to on Daddytypes

Off to New York for the weekend. The magic number is SIX.

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